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My trip to Seoul!!


Not long ago when i was sitting on the terrace of my house sipping a cup of coffee looking skywards wondering what would happen to me?? (I would suggest the readers be a little bit patient enough to read my earlier post, The freak effect!).
15th of February 2010 was an important day of my life. 5pm in the evening when i was my room with my eyes closed, i whatsoever had no idea that my life was going to change big time. I heard the phone ringing and i gently opened my eyes cursing who the hell it was.I started scratching my eyes wondering whether i should leave the phone to ring and rot or pick and answer the phone. I got off from bed and started walking towards the phone and picked it up. I picked up my phone and greeted hello to hear this back, "Hello, this is your teacher and with great pleasure let me inform you that your paper has been selected for the international conference in Seoul National University." . I dont know how he must have felt when he didn't get ant reply for a minute but then i brought my feet to the ground and made the first sound since my long mum. "Sir, i dont know if you understand how much happiness the news has brought to me, but i am sure this will help me a lot, i thank you so much for the help you have provided me with.". I Kept the phone down. Deep down i knew that the greater troubles and challenges were yet to come.
Time passed and the final week came when the run for visas and papers began. I tell you i wouldnt want that to happen again, but somehow i was able to finish off this ordeal and make it to Seoul. The tickets were booked for the trip which would take us to Dubai and then to Seoul with the return travel being the same.
19th of march 2010, both Raj Narayan and I get ready to make it to Dubai and then to Seoul. We had to finish of with our luggage formalities and we finally made it to the flight. The inside of the flight was just too good with gorgeous looking air hostess inside. Time sure flew with the flight and there we have it, we had made it to Dubai.
The airport lived up to our imaginations, here its even safe to say, our wildest imaginations. It was huuuuuge, with perfect white ceilings and giant metallic columns we got confused if we came to a sultans passage. The place is busy people from all walks of life and of all nationalities running around with their luggage and the whole place was filled with the voice of a lady, supposedly beautiful. We waited till 2 am next morning for our flight to Seoul. From there the journey to the east started.
By 4 pm in the evening we reached Seoul. I must confess, the people there are so friendly you start to feel that the whole of Korea is with its arm stretched ready to hug us. Ah what to say about the climate my friends, it felt as if i have jumped from the Indian summer to the eastern winter.I was in my tshirt as i came out of the bus that took us from Incheon airport to Soul National University. When came out of the bus, it was freezing cold. A gust of ice cold air started blowing and within a span of seconds my feet started clapping not knowing what to do we waited for a taxi inside the university to take us to the accommodation. It was yellow storm there at that time, strong wind took sand from China and blew it towards South Korea, no wonder most of the vehicles seemed pretty dusty. We some how got to our room and without much delay we made it to sleep. The day ended finally showing clear weather and a sunny morning next day, but it was still cold, 6 degrees i'd reckon. We took a walk around the campus, but how much do we walk??? 40 minutes of walk we reached nowhere and finally the roads were getting quite confusing and only a few of the people knew any English. We then took a taxi to Itaiwan, a place there where foreigners lived and the only place of hope for a vegetarian like me. We went there to find a restaurant run by a Pakistani. As soon as we went in we were greeted by his Urdu mixed Hindi. We have never seen a Pakistani in real, seeing the reaction from our face, he said, "Are bhai is mulk mein Hindustani- Pakistani jaisa koi nahin.", i should confess, we spoke with much care but he turned out to be quite a gentleman by helping us with our way and showing the groceries store run by Bangladeshis. Well we came to terms with the international community living there whom we never dreamed to meet. We returned to our room and went to sleep again, there was considerable tiredness left.
We then woke up at about 5:30 local time and got in our suits and headed to the hall where the inauguration was about to start. When we got there people came to greet us and we were wonder struck, you never expect people to come and greet you. We then helped ourselves to some Korean cuisine (i have to admit, its hard for a vegetarian to live there). Having had very little to eat , i attacked the desserts (it was wow). With our tummy half full we somehow went to sleep.
The next day keynote lecture began and we wondered whether we would be able to handle the amount of questions that were thrown at you. The previous post will tell you that I messed it up thanks to stage fright. The day was about to end and we went on to talk to as many people as possible. One particular person who we talked to was Sadik Kakac ( The link provided will help you understand who he is. Well we never knew who he was when he spoke to us. I came back to the room to check who he was and i was stunned, i am quite sure u might know why :D . To have interacted with such a man and to not know who he was made me look lame, i should tell you friends i had met modesty personified. I started to feel as if butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. Oh you wanna know why? , ok this is why, Dr Sadik kakac ended our talk with this statement "i will come to attend your presentation". It was a bit too much, when i opened the window i was amazed, its snowing in Seoul . Wow! with what little winter clothes we had we went out to have a lot of fun. This helped me quite well in relieving the pressure i had. After all the fun I returned home and practiced quite a lot and went to bed but i couldn't sleep.I took a walk around university at night and came back at around 4 in the morning to sleep. I went to bed knowing that i will have to give the presentation within hours.
The sun rose next morning, i must have been from the east, to be honest i have never checked it. The sight is quite beautiful, the sun rose like a golden crown from the snowy hills of Seoul.
I went and did all my preliminaries and went to the conference hall to find a packed hill with a board showing the programs for the day and it said our name on it. I went inside and waited there nervously for my turn to come. Doctorate students and post doctorate students presented one after the other and then my turn came. The chair person, a man from Tokyo university read our name and i went to present. I knew inside that this is one chance to get people's attention or to get their mockery. I took a minute to catch my breath and i noticed all the dignitaries present there which includes a senior representative of ASME from China and Dr Sadik and many other senior researchers. The first slide read the name of our presentation and we got a aww from the crowd when the noticed that we were undergraduate students. Like what Tendulkar said about his first match, I do not remember anything and by the time i had finished my presentation people had 4 or 5 pages of notes written and they were smiling at me. The chairman started off the discussion and questions came out like torrential rain. Fortunately i answered all of them and they felt satisfied and the chairman stood up to deliver his comments. He said, " You said you were undergraduate students, lets give him a big hand for their hard work as a token of encouragement". The most proud moment came when Dr Sadik Kakac came to us and said, " i have high hopes from you in the future, there may be difficult moments in your life but never give up, i am sure you will be a someone someday..... all the best lads". My eyes became filled with tears of joy, i have done a work in a college where there is no lab and i was asked to quit and here i am. The next two days went away and oh i was asked to speak during the banquet in front of everyone LOL. The trip was a huge success we were on our way back home we got to dubai and we waited there for a whole day for the flight to India. We used the time to wander around and talk to Indians working there (waiters and cleaners) i felt sad for them, they had to work soo hard and they were soo happy to meet other Indians. We took the night flight back home and it feels good to be back!!!!


Ok guys, I dont know how to make it more simple. There are some dreams for everyone ,be it small or big. My project work is a hard work of 2 guys including me (its not hard to understand how hard it is, isnt it?). By the end of november when we were heading nowhere with our project, our work mainly consisted of reading, reading and more reading. Let me be honest with you, I am not brilliant with my brain, I am just a dude with an ordinary brain. The thing I have in front of me is big, a project that my lecturer, before I started told me it would be impossible for me to complete in my six moth of allotted course time, not to think of the series exams, assignments bla bla....

By the first week of December we had gone on to some extensive reading in search of something that would give us the drive to go forward, the thing that you shouldnt forget is that inspite of the numerous warning boards placed in front of us, little did we care to notice it. I did have some sleepless nights, Oh God! Could my arrogance to go after something that is not possible lead me to big trouble?. Funny isnt it? It takes just a moment to take a big decision but an eternity think about it after we already made it, while it should have been the other way. Coming back to the first week of December, my lecturer asked us to prepare a review paper on our project and have it submitted by the end of the week for the IMMM international conference conducted on January 14-16. Like ants we worked hard. Everyday we kept on pushing the limit, and prepared 3/4th of the paper leaving a little on the last day. It is always seen that God tests us when we work hard. The hard drive that contained the data got wiped out blank! Gosh what can we do? We didnt want to give it up, how can we return empty handed after having done such hard work with passion. I still do remember this, I slept for half an hour the whole day, went around the whole city in search of a spare laptop. Finally we got it done! Just after Christmas the selected papers were announced and I couldnt believe my eyes, we did a whole months work in a day and got our paper selected for an international conference.

Our days flew in anticipation of the conference. Finally the conference started on 14th of January 2010.

We were one of the 2 students selected for this conference. 14th went by without much productivity. It was 15th, our day! Everyday we were given a buffet with ice-cream . I always had more than 3 cups of ice-cream. 15th of January was special, I was going to present a paper in front of people whose superiority was exponential compared to us. I had 3 cups of ice-cream, I went for my fourth, my friend was moving his head like a table fan. When I went for my fifth (buhahaha :D) , he actually was planning on running away(hehe). I slowly reached the hall when my friend badly wanted to use the toilet. I slowly walked towards the hall where the conference was held. When I went there our name was called aloud, but OMG!, wait my friend is in the toilet and I am still not prepared, I just came from lunch. What can I do?, without my partner I started. I started well. While I was presenting, my friend made his entry, he looked as if he had seen a ghost. He took his seat among the audience (only one of us needed to present the slides). While I reached the middle of my presentation I saw people jotting down something on their pads. This made me uncomfortable, I became nervous and I felt like I was bout to fly. Our 10 min presentation ended and we were ready for the questions. They shot hard at us, we answered 4 or 5 and then even though I knew the answer I couldnt make any other word than “the”

and “is”. My shoulders dropped I looked down the floor (what else can I do?, I tried). Dr Anil Lal of CET took over the mic and said these words which I will never forget,”THESE ARE YOUNG B.TECH STUDENTS FROM BARTON HILL, AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE THEY HAVE SUCH TASTE FOR RESEARCH WHICH SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED,PLEASE GIVE THEM A BIG HAND!”.The hall irrupted with applause. I dont know how it feels to climb Mt Everest the first time but I think that feeling I had then was no different. It was then that my friend told me “dude, those pandis that we saw today, thay have made a word war III out of the closet, you wont eat gobi manchurian if I told you how it was”. Friends, to be honest I have never had gobi manchurian since (used to be my favorite) .As I walked out of the hall receiving people's appreciation,it occurred to me, our gamble with something important like my course, our hard work and our courage has finally bloomed into something beautiful, a hope that we can live to do much much more.

Take my word friends, NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mission impossible

Ladies and gentlemen,
It is always a special feeling for any person when he gets to know that he has been found suitable as an employee for a great company.The moment when you know that by the end of every month u get a fortune instead of a stupid series exam that tests the student's ability to copy (Thank you,Kerala university! now i can copy from anywhere,hehe).I make it an important point to go to the terrace of my house on any day that is important.Every single day the sunrise looks different from up there.I tell you people,the feeling is something awesome.Early in the morning, when the sun starts peeking out,go upstairs and close your eyes.The morning breeze blows your hair and makes it dance.The breeze brings a chill down your body as it flows down from head to heels.Even though a chopper didnt come and throw away a goggle that said "This mission should you chose to accept it,Mr R.Sidharth,involes an examination that you need to pass without copying in the examination followed by an interview where you will be tortured until u say you werent behind the 26/11 attack.500 people in contention and a few places for grabs.This is not mission difficult Mr Sidharth,this is mission impossible,difficult should be a walk in the park for you"(hehe, mission impossible 2),i knew that this was not a walk in the park for me.I put on a half sleeve shirt ant set out to college.
The sight i saw in SCT(college where the campus interview for SCT,LBS and Barton Hill) was something i expected.500 students and a few places for grabs.The mission looked clear,i had to sneak in through the examination and the rest would be seen.I went to the exam hall and the quesion paper was given.The guy behaved as if he was sent out of the military for his short temper ("Those who have back logs get out!",sheeesh!).I gave the examination and came out.I dont have much to say,it was a complete waste of time.Then we were taken to the powerpoint conducted by infosys where they showed us why it would be best to join them.After that they said,"Just 10 minutes after the results the interview will commence".Oh god,what if by luck i got selected?,i made to my friend's house with haste where i kept my formal wear just in case i make it (hehe, i know,there is no measure of my optimism).I went back to SCT and i get badly mocked at for my sudden change of dress.I thought, if i dont get through the examination then all this formal wear would make me the joke of the century.I prayed and prayed for the 2 hour long ordeal to end.Finally i get selected!(mission impossible theme song plays......)


The fight goes on.I've sneaked in & i gave a wide grin.I got into the building where the shortlisted candidates were waiting for the call.In the building i saw a girl who i have never known.Its quiet funny sometimes to see how girls behave when pressurised LOL,she was running around in circles as if she was tied o the ceiling fan above,with the resume covering her face,hehe.I almost fell on the ground laughing.I said to myself,concentrate! I was asked to go in and take the interview.I entered the room the interviewer was almost at the door( as if to say,"boo,fooled ya!").The interview went on and he even offered me a cup of tea.My friends waiting outside were amazed looking at me.I come out of the room not intimidated & with a cup of tea.
The wait for the results continued and finally it came,the CGPU heat of our college shouted, a list of names which included mine.Wow what a feeling it was.I could never win a world cup for India but i had a similar feeling.I wanted to scream and run like ive scored for Arsenal and run around like Arshavin with finger on my lips.It was night and i stayed there till almost everyone left.The moon showed bright and i thought,this was one of the many to come!!!!!(mission impossible theme plays again).

Fellas,this is an incident that came to my mind when i saw the movie 2012 with my friends.Dont miss it guys,its an awesome experience! The movie matches my imagination of giant earthquakes,tsunamis and all.
My younger days were joyful .I was about 10 at that time. Every evening when the school bell rings,my mind is filled with joy because i know that its play time.I come to my grandma's house by school van.I take my evening snack with haste and go to the street.My friends would be waiting there for me.As soon as i see them i run towards them like a Ronaldo who scored his goal.They too scream,the whole street is filled with joy! Everyday was like a festival.Life was without sorrows or misery.Houses dont have lawn there, its an agraharam(brahmin street).Our meeting point is the steps of a house where 2 old people lived.They didnt have children so they liked us so much.Every day the vada vala goes by the street,they buy us plenty.So we love sitting there.Every day we invent new games.The members in our gang included Abhishek,Kannan,Ramesh,Nanditha and Madhumitha(twins) and Guddu.Wow those days will surely be missed!

One day Abhi came running towards us while we were sitting on the steps.I said,"why are you late ,explain yourself! Do you have the least idea of how much we waited?".He was panting.He said,"ill explain.wait!".He kept on looking at us.He didnt talk.Then he started speaking(finally, i thought!)."Friends,our world is going to be hit by a asteroid",he told.My heart was in my mouth,i thought "asteroid? what is that? anyways it dosent look good".He continued,"Its a big rock and it is going to hit Earth hence the end of the world.One of my friends told me".Oh God,i thought thats it.I am doomed.I said,"ill be right back".I ran towards my grandma's house,where my mother was talking with my grandma.I asked her,"Amma,do i have to do my home work today?,i heard the world is going to end".She looked bemused,she then smiled and replied,"Its necessary that you complete your home work before the world ends".I said to myself,"worth a shot,now ill have to sit and do the homework while the world is about to end! how lucky am i?".I went to them and asked,"Do we have an escape plan?".Every one looked confused."You know, a rocket or something".Everybody agreed.Wow i made a master plan,now i have to make a rocket.I told them that we had to start the work with haste.Abhi replied,"My friend who told me this news actually has a rocket,he has some friends with him but he will be willing to take 3 of us with him.Who the lucky creeps are,that remains to be seen".So rock paper scissors it was to be.The game started,the game went on and i was unlucky,i had to be left behind along with Guddu and Kannan.Tears started comming out of my eyes, i thought"there goes my last chance".The other 3 were dancing.I felt weightlessness.Madhumitha noticed us sitting sad,the lucky ones started talking,then they came and Madhumitha said,"We decided not to go without you,go bring your stuff we are building a rocket".My amma called,"Sidhu,its time for our studies lets go".Our last hope has perished,we hugged every one goodbye!
I reached home and asked amma"Amma,When would the asteroid hit us?".She laughed and told me that asteroid was going to hit Jupiter and that Earth was still safe.Phew,all that for nothing?.Next day when we met again you should have seen the happiness on our face.Screaming,shouting what not?.
While i was watching 2012 today everybody looked tense while this little memory about the innocence of seven little kids made me smile!

An electrical shock!

The quest for the five letters B T E C H starts with a lot of expectations.Life went on fine among simple things like forces,vectors and engines until i met the perfect villain,electrical lab.The small class that is situated near the stinking toilet made my 5th semester horrible(actually i sometimes fail to distinguish between the toilet and the electric lab,hehe).I used to hear from my seniors that the small place is the one place where you have the chance to pay for the sins you have done,and the one semester of studies there is enough to wipe away the sins of a life time.
My first day to the lab came.I went inside with disgust.To the contrary i found the teachers to be a bit better than what i pictured.I went inside with some happiness.We were asked asked to write instruments that we needed in order to perform the experiment.Rahul Rajan of our class wrote down the same and went there to meet a man who lied down on the table.He looked at the book made a sound of agreement gave us the ammeters voltmeters etc.We started our experiments,to our surprise the ammeter didnt show a reading.We took it to him,he stood up and screamed at us,oh my god we have taken an AC ammeter for a DC experiment(we arent supposed to do that,hehe).It was our first class,how the hell were we supposed to know?.I said in my mind "oh boy,this is going to be a long semester".Yes, we met the most arrogant idiot of all times,Mr X,the lab assistant!
Day after day the scenario became worse, we had to put up with that idiot.He even shouts at our teachers and God i dont know why the teachers are scared of him.His menace had grown beyond a level of tolerance.Even teachers didnt know how to control the idiot.There are times i prayed that he got electrocuted.
Finally it was time for the lab examinations.Having copied all the values from my friend, i didnt know how to do the easiest of experiments.It was the day before the exam.I went to Sathish's house so that i could study something to pass the horrible exam.All through the day we went through the connection diagrams(circuit diagram).Like a recorder i kept on repeating the procedure all day.Finally it was the evening,i have not yet finished the entire experiments.To add to my troubles there came a quite familiar thing,power failure.I didnt have a second to waste.We thought of an idea.We took rode our bike to Poojapura(a place) where on the middle of the road,there is a traffic island that was made into a park.
Yes,at 7:30 pm we were on the park and studying electrical experiments with the help of light coming out from the little bulb near the fountain.We were studying there.We didnt care what the people thought.Finally at 8 pm we came back.Studies continues as late as 10 pm at Sathish's house.I finally went back home.The next day i went early to know what sort of viva questions they were asking.Before the exam Praseeth and me went to the Indian Coffee house nearby to have lunch.We had our lunch and walked towards the horrible lab thinking that we wont have to go there again.
I got my question,completed my procedure and went in with the answer sheet.I was asked the procedure and i somehow managed to get it right.I made my connections and then i switched on my machine and i looked and my ammeter the needle was oscillating like a pendulum for which it was supposed to sty steady.I called my teacher to ask if i had some problem with my connection.She checked the circuit and told me that it was fine.I didnt know what to do.I had no choice but tho ask Mr X.He said he wont help me.I asked the main external invigilator for help.She said i had to use something to stir the water inside a drum in the circuit (water resistance).I went to take the broom,took it and used it to stir the water.Out of nowhere Mr X sprang out,shouting at me "This broom is a property of the electrical lab and you arent supposed to take it!".I explained to him why i needed to use the broom and that i was asked to do it by the teacher itself.He said it "You give me the broom this instant!,if u want a stick go search out in the ground!".i shouted "its my exam,give me a break!".He took it and went away with him.I looked helplessly at my teachers,they smiled at me.I said in my mind,"WTF,didnt you see that? its my exam that he destroyed!".Uncontrollably i was in tears,all my circuits were right everything was right yet i fail,thanks to the lab assistant.The sir called me,he said "dont worry ill give you a value,show me the calculation,that will do".This sort of cheered me up.I went there to do my calculations.Nikhil's motor started making sounds as if it was ready for an explosion,the sound was like that of a fart.I laughed,hehe.I did my calculations and showed it to him.He asked me viva questions.I answered the first 3,the next 5 i couldnt.He asked me "what is your hobby?".I confirmed it,damn it i failed this exam.I told him i play cricket and i left.When i came outside i threw away my hall ticket in anger.I wanted to kill the son of a ________ who did this to me,Mr X.I waited for my results,to my surprise i passed.Its over,my ordeal is over.
Till now i havent been able to forget this sour experience..........AN ELECTRIC SHOCK!!!!!!!

My list of death


What I have written here is just for the sake of fun and I whatsoever have no grudge against the personalities whom I have mentioned in my article.
So FBI, INTERPOL & Scotland Yard I just wrote it and if something happens I am not responsible (hehe)

Hi fellas!

World is filled with filth and yes I have come to assassinate 7 people who are in my hit list.

7. Ahmed in a jar

On my hit list is this outspoken man who has nothing but disregard for human rights. He destroyed democracy for his selfish reasons. People like these are a disgrace to human kind. I would use a cosh and hit him throughout the body until all his bones are broken and left there to rot without food or water. That would be the punishment for snatching away our right to live with freedom.

6. B.A Baby

Next on my list is this man who is the reason why such a promising course like sucks ass. The person who has infected the roots of something as pious as education through which our country wishes to grow, but remains helpless thanks to this good for nothing education system. The idea of selling education based on reservation is a crime. He sings our national anthem, takes our pledge to treat everyone equal but made a law to see people differently based on what they are by birth. He is a mockery to our country’s freedom that we got thanks to millions of lives we sacrificed. I would kill him by starving him for days. And when he asks me to relieve him from this excruciating pain by killing him, I would say “This is what students feel like when they are denied the education that they deserve just because of reservation”

5. Achu annan

The celebrated personality of Kerala, a veteran communist who hesitated to pay tribute to our national hero who showed his huge heartedness to give his life away so that we can live here and if needed emulate him some day. He then took his behavior to the limit of abusing the family of the soldier. In my sight he can sink no lower. Such a disgrace should be wiped off immediately. I would give him one stab right on his throat. He deserves nothing better.

4 Ajmall ull Keshav

How can any family of India forget the horror that we saw with our own eyes?

He is a mass murderer who found orgasm in the cries of innocent children and people. He makes a mockery of our law system by trying to defend himself after having created such a horror at the CST.I will use a hammer to nail every piece of his body on to a wall and cry out “JIHAD” so that it has a meaning(war against evil).

3 Haffizz ull Said

This man is to be killed with immediate effect! Masterminding the attack on Mumbai and successfully corrupting the minds of innocent people in Pakistan to come and fight the so called “JIHAD” against India by taking the lives of innocent people. What I can’t understand is that Quran, a noble book that respects the right to live and teaches values that makes a saint out of you never asks Islam to take innocent lives, then why do these people do it?. His punishment would be a stab with a dagger and tear him entire length.

2 Blush

This person’s arrogance is the reason why so many people died in the east and so many do not have the money to sustain their life. For a leader, he let his arrogance control his action. A bullet on his head to remind him for the last time the fact that no matter how stupid you are u have a brain in your head.

1 Myself

I need to kill myself because I if I tell you what all to fight against every time, you people won’t think own your own and raise your voice against any injustice done to you people. A bullet, point blank, on my head!

Raise your voice against any injustice you see, your life will purposeful!

a date!!

ok first of all it was a dream,so fellas, dont worry i didnt go out on a date.

It was a rainy night,i had my dinner a bit heavy that day though.My eyes closed and opened.Trying desperately to keep it open as i was watching the movie and it was the climax.I decided to close the player and leave the climax for the next day.I went to bed,resting my head on one of the pillows with my arms around another.The chill weather added comfort.

I was in the middle of a valley with flowers all around,a brook with silver water flowing through little birds flying around i was spinning around to get the view of the paradise that was around me.
The air was chill with the fragrance of spring , sky looked like a big blue umbrella.I was delighted, anyone would be,with the scenery that i saw.I started running with pace but hey i wasnt getting tired.i saw a hill which blocked further view.I climbed it to see a big garden of red rose.A full stretch of red rose till your eye sight could go.It must be the view,i walked slowly.One step after another .I was in the middle of an ocean of roses.Wind was blowing with a gentle pace and i think it whispered something to my ears,i couldn't make anything out of it.
i was standing for a while,out of nowhere a Lilly fell on my head.I looked up and everywhere i saw nothing.I then heard the sound of a girl giggling.I ran towards the sound i saw no one.Another Lilly fell on my head,i smiled and then smelled the flower.I felt that i was being intoxicated.I looked around smiling,to find no one.I shouted out loud "WHERE ARE YOU?"
Again i heard the giggling sound.This time i was determined to find out who it was.I carefully walked without making a sound.I saw a girl on her knees peeping through the roses [expecting me to show up in front of her,i guess].I smiled and called her she she suddenly looked back,she looked beautiful and i have never seen anyone as pretty as her.She stud up and smiled.Oh God! i could have done anything to get the smile back.She gave the one remaining lilly to me,i took it and smiled at her.She took my hand and she started walking taking me along.Without any hesitation i followed.
We walked and walked and i finally reached the bank of the brook we sat down.She sat on her knees and hugged me from behind,my cheek on her cheek and our head swayed to and fro.I then kept my head on her lap.She asked me if i liked her,without any hesitation i replied that she is the prettiest thing ive seen.She giggled and started stroking my hair.A cool breeze blew.She kept my face close to her.I felt like a bird flying in the sky with her flying beside me.I felt what love was like,an intoxication that started to grip me.I was lost to a dream within a dream.It was sunset time we ran to the hill top to see the sunset.We sat there doing nothing.We looked at each other,we didnt talk at all.I held her hand.She smiled and started singing,i took her in my arms and raised her and i started to move her in the air.In the dim light the two black shades danced and danced.
Suddenly i woke up.Immediately i couldnt make out any other word than "Shit".i Actually had a date but in my dreams.It was 3 am in the morning.i closed my eyes again anticipating the dream to come again....................................

We wont part ways!

i have really forgotten what it was like to sit with few friends on the top floor gazing at the sky thinking what we wanted to be,what we have become,what we want to become.Yes 3 years of our time have breezed out.The breeze that brings a gentle smile on your face.I remember the first day at college,the day i feared that i would be ragged and got ragged by seniors boys and girls but mostly boys.They all became very close to me and some became the ones i couldnt ever forget.During my first year i saw a batch pass out and many of them gave me memories that i keep .A year passed,i ran around making friends,a lot of them close and even closer.I had become an orkut addict then.And one day while i was going through one of the pictures that my seniors put on his album,i noticed one special picture that captured my mind.

Yes ,its the picture above which shows some of my seniors having fun at the top of the building construction,a few days before they were about to pass out of college.This above photo is of very great importance to is why,this photo represents the only ray of hope,a few hours of happiness that was captured by a lens.A snap,in the far future that surely, when seen ,will make you remember that once you came with your friends and all the fun that you had,the little pranks they played on you,all the pranks you played on them the classes that you bunked together.Funny,did you notice one thing?.4years of our life,we came to the college to study,but this one picture erases all the memory about exams,projects and stuff and stages a non stop show of all the wonderful and colorful days that you enjoyed,thus making an impression that if ever happiness was there studying at college,it was at bunking the class along with your friends.
As i was saying,i saw this picture.This picture of a group of friends on the top of the building became a symbol of ,The parting of ways.
It was quiet recently that some of us bunked the class(nothing new here),but decided to do something new.We wanted to go to the 7th floor of the building under construction.
Oh my God! i have never seen such a view.The whole of Thiruvananthapuram looked like a small orchard.In fact all of us were really awed by this view.A small breeze began to blow.
I dunno if Shakesphere could have had this experience of staying with friends at the top floor but
the ambiance silenced us.We were lost for words.I stud there while the others were roaming.Suddenly the picture of my seniors flashed.
For a brief moment i thought,oh my god! only a year left.The nostalgic effect of the seniors picture made me sort of sad myself.We went together,all of us,sat on the edge of the 7 floor building.Wind was blowing,changing its directions frequently,suddenly i thought we could be the next wind.We blew together till now,and finally we might go in distant direction in an unknown land there we make no difference.
We sat there silent searching for the distant dream in the vast land(the city) that spread before us.

Silently in our mind we promised that even if we separate,instead of us separating the memories of this picture will unite us!


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