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End of the world experience!

Fellas,this is an incident that came to my mind when i saw the movie 2012 with my friends.Dont miss it guys,its an awesome experience! The movie matches my imagination of giant earthquakes,tsunamis and all.
My younger days were joyful .I was about 10 at that time. Every evening when the school bell rings,my mind is filled with joy because i know that its play time.I come to my grandma's house by school van.I take my evening snack with haste and go to the street.My friends would be waiting there for me.As soon as i see them i run towards them like a Ronaldo who scored his goal.They too scream,the whole street is filled with joy! Everyday was like a festival.Life was without sorrows or misery.Houses dont have lawn there, its an agraharam(brahmin street).Our meeting point is the steps of a house where 2 old people lived.They didnt have children so they liked us so much.Every day the vada vala goes by the street,they buy us plenty.So we love sitting there.Every day we invent new games.The members in our gang included Abhishek,Kannan,Ramesh,Nanditha and Madhumitha(twins) and Guddu.Wow those days will surely be missed!

One day Abhi came running towards us while we were sitting on the steps.I said,"why are you late ,explain yourself! Do you have the least idea of how much we waited?".He was panting.He said,"ill explain.wait!".He kept on looking at us.He didnt talk.Then he started speaking(finally, i thought!)."Friends,our world is going to be hit by a asteroid",he told.My heart was in my mouth,i thought "asteroid? what is that? anyways it dosent look good".He continued,"Its a big rock and it is going to hit Earth hence the end of the world.One of my friends told me".Oh God,i thought thats it.I am doomed.I said,"ill be right back".I ran towards my grandma's house,where my mother was talking with my grandma.I asked her,"Amma,do i have to do my home work today?,i heard the world is going to end".She looked bemused,she then smiled and replied,"Its necessary that you complete your home work before the world ends".I said to myself,"worth a shot,now ill have to sit and do the homework while the world is about to end! how lucky am i?".I went to them and asked,"Do we have an escape plan?".Every one looked confused."You know, a rocket or something".Everybody agreed.Wow i made a master plan,now i have to make a rocket.I told them that we had to start the work with haste.Abhi replied,"My friend who told me this news actually has a rocket,he has some friends with him but he will be willing to take 3 of us with him.Who the lucky creeps are,that remains to be seen".So rock paper scissors it was to be.The game started,the game went on and i was unlucky,i had to be left behind along with Guddu and Kannan.Tears started comming out of my eyes, i thought"there goes my last chance".The other 3 were dancing.I felt weightlessness.Madhumitha noticed us sitting sad,the lucky ones started talking,then they came and Madhumitha said,"We decided not to go without you,go bring your stuff we are building a rocket".My amma called,"Sidhu,its time for our studies lets go".Our last hope has perished,we hugged every one goodbye!
I reached home and asked amma"Amma,When would the asteroid hit us?".She laughed and told me that asteroid was going to hit Jupiter and that Earth was still safe.Phew,all that for nothing?.Next day when we met again you should have seen the happiness on our face.Screaming,shouting what not?.
While i was watching 2012 today everybody looked tense while this little memory about the innocence of seven little kids made me smile!


  1. ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...
    Nice post da! These memories are what will always be there for you when there's a bad patch in life. Keep them safe in your mind :)
    neethibal said...
    Good one da... really took me back to my chidhood days...
    lekshmi chidambaram said...
    Superb post Anna...:)

    orkan sukamulla ormakal...:)

    and :P
    My younger days were joyful
    u turned 60 :O i nvr knew :P

    He was panting.

    i bet that it wnt b ne where near ur robin hood remember that?? I do...

    ps:y grw up :P:D
    vivek said...
    and particularly in my case the school change frm 10th std to +1 has taken a toll on my life
    thats y i've stooped to an all time low
    i hope like the global economy recovering frm the meltdown i'll emerge stronger than ever one day (hope it'll be very soon)
    Hari said...
    The way you connected your school life and 2012 was very memorable. Those days of childhood will never be forgotten. Cherish those memories. Write more posts about childhood. :)
    Sachu said...
    Thumps up for remembering the incident in such a vivid manner. I struggle at times to think of my long lost past. And most of the time it proves to be futile because I remember very little even after all that effort. I really appreciate the fact that you connected both the incidents together in a splendid manner. Lucky the meteor didnt strike on earth after all! You could weave out a post off it nah? Keep up the good work dear!

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