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Ok guys, I dont know how to make it more simple. There are some dreams for everyone ,be it small or big. My project work is a hard work of 2 guys including me (its not hard to understand how hard it is, isnt it?). By the end of november when we were heading nowhere with our project, our work mainly consisted of reading, reading and more reading. Let me be honest with you, I am not brilliant with my brain, I am just a dude with an ordinary brain. The thing I have in front of me is big, a project that my lecturer, before I started told me it would be impossible for me to complete in my six moth of allotted course time, not to think of the series exams, assignments bla bla....

By the first week of December we had gone on to some extensive reading in search of something that would give us the drive to go forward, the thing that you shouldnt forget is that inspite of the numerous warning boards placed in front of us, little did we care to notice it. I did have some sleepless nights, Oh God! Could my arrogance to go after something that is not possible lead me to big trouble?. Funny isnt it? It takes just a moment to take a big decision but an eternity think about it after we already made it, while it should have been the other way. Coming back to the first week of December, my lecturer asked us to prepare a review paper on our project and have it submitted by the end of the week for the IMMM international conference conducted on January 14-16. Like ants we worked hard. Everyday we kept on pushing the limit, and prepared 3/4th of the paper leaving a little on the last day. It is always seen that God tests us when we work hard. The hard drive that contained the data got wiped out blank! Gosh what can we do? We didnt want to give it up, how can we return empty handed after having done such hard work with passion. I still do remember this, I slept for half an hour the whole day, went around the whole city in search of a spare laptop. Finally we got it done! Just after Christmas the selected papers were announced and I couldnt believe my eyes, we did a whole months work in a day and got our paper selected for an international conference.

Our days flew in anticipation of the conference. Finally the conference started on 14th of January 2010.

We were one of the 2 students selected for this conference. 14th went by without much productivity. It was 15th, our day! Everyday we were given a buffet with ice-cream . I always had more than 3 cups of ice-cream. 15th of January was special, I was going to present a paper in front of people whose superiority was exponential compared to us. I had 3 cups of ice-cream, I went for my fourth, my friend was moving his head like a table fan. When I went for my fifth (buhahaha :D) , he actually was planning on running away(hehe). I slowly reached the hall when my friend badly wanted to use the toilet. I slowly walked towards the hall where the conference was held. When I went there our name was called aloud, but OMG!, wait my friend is in the toilet and I am still not prepared, I just came from lunch. What can I do?, without my partner I started. I started well. While I was presenting, my friend made his entry, he looked as if he had seen a ghost. He took his seat among the audience (only one of us needed to present the slides). While I reached the middle of my presentation I saw people jotting down something on their pads. This made me uncomfortable, I became nervous and I felt like I was bout to fly. Our 10 min presentation ended and we were ready for the questions. They shot hard at us, we answered 4 or 5 and then even though I knew the answer I couldnt make any other word than “the”

and “is”. My shoulders dropped I looked down the floor (what else can I do?, I tried). Dr Anil Lal of CET took over the mic and said these words which I will never forget,”THESE ARE YOUNG B.TECH STUDENTS FROM BARTON HILL, AT SUCH A YOUNG AGE THEY HAVE SUCH TASTE FOR RESEARCH WHICH SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED,PLEASE GIVE THEM A BIG HAND!”.The hall irrupted with applause. I dont know how it feels to climb Mt Everest the first time but I think that feeling I had then was no different. It was then that my friend told me “dude, those pandis that we saw today, thay have made a word war III out of the closet, you wont eat gobi manchurian if I told you how it was”. Friends, to be honest I have never had gobi manchurian since (used to be my favorite) .As I walked out of the hall receiving people's appreciation,it occurred to me, our gamble with something important like my course, our hard work and our courage has finally bloomed into something beautiful, a hope that we can live to do much much more.

Take my word friends, NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. neethibal said...
    nice post da. feels great to know that there are actually people like you who dont just think within the syllabus like we do :) hardwork and prayers really do pay off when your work is sincere. like i always say, you'll do better and go higher and higher in life :)

    Abhilash Suryan said...
    hearty congrats :)
    at your age, we haven't even heard of an international conference, let alone making a presentation at one :)
    keep up the good work...
    Anonymous said...
    nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter.
    Anonymous said...
    I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing
    jithinferrari said...
    Gr8 work my dear friend.....nothing is impossible in life if v r committed to t cause!!!
    mechakr said...
    Posts are getting better and better
    Who knows,u might write a best seller novel someday.Congrats for the IMMM and all the best for Seoul...
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