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My list of death


What I have written here is just for the sake of fun and I whatsoever have no grudge against the personalities whom I have mentioned in my article.
So FBI, INTERPOL & Scotland Yard I just wrote it and if something happens I am not responsible (hehe)

Hi fellas!

World is filled with filth and yes I have come to assassinate 7 people who are in my hit list.

7. Ahmed in a jar

On my hit list is this outspoken man who has nothing but disregard for human rights. He destroyed democracy for his selfish reasons. People like these are a disgrace to human kind. I would use a cosh and hit him throughout the body until all his bones are broken and left there to rot without food or water. That would be the punishment for snatching away our right to live with freedom.

6. B.A Baby

Next on my list is this man who is the reason why such a promising course like sucks ass. The person who has infected the roots of something as pious as education through which our country wishes to grow, but remains helpless thanks to this good for nothing education system. The idea of selling education based on reservation is a crime. He sings our national anthem, takes our pledge to treat everyone equal but made a law to see people differently based on what they are by birth. He is a mockery to our country’s freedom that we got thanks to millions of lives we sacrificed. I would kill him by starving him for days. And when he asks me to relieve him from this excruciating pain by killing him, I would say “This is what students feel like when they are denied the education that they deserve just because of reservation”

5. Achu annan

The celebrated personality of Kerala, a veteran communist who hesitated to pay tribute to our national hero who showed his huge heartedness to give his life away so that we can live here and if needed emulate him some day. He then took his behavior to the limit of abusing the family of the soldier. In my sight he can sink no lower. Such a disgrace should be wiped off immediately. I would give him one stab right on his throat. He deserves nothing better.

4 Ajmall ull Keshav

How can any family of India forget the horror that we saw with our own eyes?

He is a mass murderer who found orgasm in the cries of innocent children and people. He makes a mockery of our law system by trying to defend himself after having created such a horror at the CST.I will use a hammer to nail every piece of his body on to a wall and cry out “JIHAD” so that it has a meaning(war against evil).

3 Haffizz ull Said

This man is to be killed with immediate effect! Masterminding the attack on Mumbai and successfully corrupting the minds of innocent people in Pakistan to come and fight the so called “JIHAD” against India by taking the lives of innocent people. What I can’t understand is that Quran, a noble book that respects the right to live and teaches values that makes a saint out of you never asks Islam to take innocent lives, then why do these people do it?. His punishment would be a stab with a dagger and tear him entire length.

2 Blush

This person’s arrogance is the reason why so many people died in the east and so many do not have the money to sustain their life. For a leader, he let his arrogance control his action. A bullet on his head to remind him for the last time the fact that no matter how stupid you are u have a brain in your head.

1 Myself

I need to kill myself because I if I tell you what all to fight against every time, you people won’t think own your own and raise your voice against any injustice done to you people. A bullet, point blank, on my head!

Raise your voice against any injustice you see, your life will purposeful!


  1. lekshmi chidambaram said...
    I seriously doubt that u r the fake ipl plyr aftr goin thru the nick names that u hav given :D
    Sachu said...
    Gud work Sidharth.. Apt Nick names 2...
    Hari said...
    Lol! Great concept - an awesome hitlist! :P But I've some reservations. Let me elaborate. :)

    #1 Achu Maman:
    I agree that he has shown disrespect to a veteran soldier - which, in itself, is a very VERY gross and demeaning act. He should be punished for that, yes, but death? Ain't that a tad too hard upon him? I've seen and talk to the man. He's an ailing person - he sleeps at public meetings and can't afford, even to stay awake. Besides, I still feel his heart has traces of purity. :)

    #2 Yourself:
    Hmm.. Killing yourself. Hey, you're propogating the idea of suicide which is crime! Lol. And I don't think the reason you've mentioned here is strong enough to kill you! You're a gem of a person to me, and I wouldn't let anyone do that! :-D

    Great post man. You rock!:D
    Sibin said...
    LOL!... Kollam da!!
    S Soorya Narayan said...
    Nice work da. But you could have easily added to the list that SOB from the electrical lab called "Rosie moon"
    R.Sidharth said...
    people dont know who that idiot is... atha i didnt add rose chandran
    ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...
    Nice names, but I feel it was too Kerala centric. Still good justification man! But didn't like the suicide idea that much! Who'd kill all these buggers when you're dead!
    R.Sidharth said...
    this is why i wanted to kill myself finally because you people are waiting for someone to come and do the job for you.hehe
    hotshot said...
    awesome picking up man.. lets get them.. n shoot them.. hw abt starting from you. you r the closest..:P:D
    ..: GameOn :.. said...
    These lines aptly reflect the very same Trauma every educated citizen is feeling about our system !

    Very well put through , great post indeed .. keep up the good work ..
    mr.weirdo!! said...
    great nicknames dude!!

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