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An electrical shock!

The quest for the five letters B T E C H starts with a lot of expectations.Life went on fine among simple things like forces,vectors and engines until i met the perfect villain,electrical lab.The small class that is situated near the stinking toilet made my 5th semester horrible(actually i sometimes fail to distinguish between the toilet and the electric lab,hehe).I used to hear from my seniors that the small place is the one place where you have the chance to pay for the sins you have done,and the one semester of studies there is enough to wipe away the sins of a life time.
My first day to the lab came.I went inside with disgust.To the contrary i found the teachers to be a bit better than what i pictured.I went inside with some happiness.We were asked asked to write instruments that we needed in order to perform the experiment.Rahul Rajan of our class wrote down the same and went there to meet a man who lied down on the table.He looked at the book made a sound of agreement gave us the ammeters voltmeters etc.We started our experiments,to our surprise the ammeter didnt show a reading.We took it to him,he stood up and screamed at us,oh my god we have taken an AC ammeter for a DC experiment(we arent supposed to do that,hehe).It was our first class,how the hell were we supposed to know?.I said in my mind "oh boy,this is going to be a long semester".Yes, we met the most arrogant idiot of all times,Mr X,the lab assistant!
Day after day the scenario became worse, we had to put up with that idiot.He even shouts at our teachers and God i dont know why the teachers are scared of him.His menace had grown beyond a level of tolerance.Even teachers didnt know how to control the idiot.There are times i prayed that he got electrocuted.
Finally it was time for the lab examinations.Having copied all the values from my friend, i didnt know how to do the easiest of experiments.It was the day before the exam.I went to Sathish's house so that i could study something to pass the horrible exam.All through the day we went through the connection diagrams(circuit diagram).Like a recorder i kept on repeating the procedure all day.Finally it was the evening,i have not yet finished the entire experiments.To add to my troubles there came a quite familiar thing,power failure.I didnt have a second to waste.We thought of an idea.We took rode our bike to Poojapura(a place) where on the middle of the road,there is a traffic island that was made into a park.
Yes,at 7:30 pm we were on the park and studying electrical experiments with the help of light coming out from the little bulb near the fountain.We were studying there.We didnt care what the people thought.Finally at 8 pm we came back.Studies continues as late as 10 pm at Sathish's house.I finally went back home.The next day i went early to know what sort of viva questions they were asking.Before the exam Praseeth and me went to the Indian Coffee house nearby to have lunch.We had our lunch and walked towards the horrible lab thinking that we wont have to go there again.
I got my question,completed my procedure and went in with the answer sheet.I was asked the procedure and i somehow managed to get it right.I made my connections and then i switched on my machine and i looked and my ammeter the needle was oscillating like a pendulum for which it was supposed to sty steady.I called my teacher to ask if i had some problem with my connection.She checked the circuit and told me that it was fine.I didnt know what to do.I had no choice but tho ask Mr X.He said he wont help me.I asked the main external invigilator for help.She said i had to use something to stir the water inside a drum in the circuit (water resistance).I went to take the broom,took it and used it to stir the water.Out of nowhere Mr X sprang out,shouting at me "This broom is a property of the electrical lab and you arent supposed to take it!".I explained to him why i needed to use the broom and that i was asked to do it by the teacher itself.He said it "You give me the broom this instant!,if u want a stick go search out in the ground!".i shouted "its my exam,give me a break!".He took it and went away with him.I looked helplessly at my teachers,they smiled at me.I said in my mind,"WTF,didnt you see that? its my exam that he destroyed!".Uncontrollably i was in tears,all my circuits were right everything was right yet i fail,thanks to the lab assistant.The sir called me,he said "dont worry ill give you a value,show me the calculation,that will do".This sort of cheered me up.I went there to do my calculations.Nikhil's motor started making sounds as if it was ready for an explosion,the sound was like that of a fart.I laughed,hehe.I did my calculations and showed it to him.He asked me viva questions.I answered the first 3,the next 5 i couldnt.He asked me "what is your hobby?".I confirmed it,damn it i failed this exam.I told him i play cricket and i left.When i came outside i threw away my hall ticket in anger.I wanted to kill the son of a ________ who did this to me,Mr X.I waited for my results,to my surprise i passed.Its over,my ordeal is over.
Till now i havent been able to forget this sour experience..........AN ELECTRIC SHOCK!!!!!!!


  1. Abhijith said...
    Aahh Good old lab !!
    Though I've never had the chance to step inside the electrical lab, i've heard enuff and more from ur seniors abt it.
    Coming to the viva part, I've also had HR interviews instead of questions from the subject cos he knew i wudnt be able to answer them .
    He started with an " Abt u " Qn and then asked me what my bro does. When he understood that he has done well in his Btech and is doing well in his career, he asked me whether Im trying to balance his achievements . My Answer " I'm trying hard sir "

    Great post dude . Got me back to my college days..
    Bhavu said...
    How's Mr Rose Chandran Doing :P
    ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...
    A lot of students have got bitter experiences in the labs during engineering. But our batch didn't have much trouble mainly because we were the 1st to use the labs and the Chandrans of the lab didn't know a thing more than we did. Anyways we had our share of miseries in other labs to be taken care of :). The Viva's are also a good way to test your unknown knowledge in the subjects :).

    Good one da! Admire your dedication to study under a lamp post, next time my grandpa tells me about his lamp post story I'll tell that dudes in my age also do it on a daily basis :)
    ..: GameOn :.. said...
    Bloody B@$T@rD , thats the least to give an intro for this A$$hole very proudly being Called the electrical lab HOD :x .. Pardon my french btw the very thought of him leaves me with no choice either :D ..

    during my exams i had to deal with one another Devil too ($hee!a) , she killed me with viva for 1.30hrs made me redraw the circuit diagram 4times and when finally i stepped out half dead into the lab to do the experiment , i find that lab HOD (rose chand) is not there!!!

    (imagine the situation , where else would u find a lab assistant not being present inside the lab when University lab exams are going on :|) .. had to wait another staggering 45mins for his excellency to arrive and give me the ameter/voltmeter etc ( i was in the first batch in morning to go in for exam, so there was no meters lying loosely outside to pickup and set the circuit with)

    And as usual, tragedy struck after completing the circuit , POWER CUT :( .. had to wait another 15-20mins till power was back (just to recall , $heel@ was so demonic to our batch that there was no mercy even if power went down, she juz asked us to submit the answer sheets till what ever done and getout from the lab)

    As for me, i resumed the experiment after power came back and completed it with 5mins remaining to end time..

    Now My Actual University question was to do the experiment and plot Graphs based on result obtained , i could hardly complete the calculation when $heel@ snared to give the paper and go , had no choice but to leave the paper and go out with tears of sureity that failure is imminent (oh forgot to mention that My sessional marks where 26/50 and i needed a good 49 marks to pass).. those precious 45mins, wasted on behalf of bloody rose chand proved fatal :x

    Anyways when result came , it took me by more of a shock than Suprise .. by gods grace (or $heel@'s leniency) i passed with 55marks :D..

    But yeah ,i'll never evr forget this one hell of a true b@st@rd for what he did , and wot he keeps on doing
    lekshmi chidambaram said...
    "i didnt know how to do the easiest of experiments"

    Anna tryin to b modest??:D
    Sibin said...
    F.Khan orikkal paranjathupole... "Vaa thurannu amittu stuff cheythu pottikkanam aa *******ye!!"
    My feelings too...!
    Hari said...
    @Sasi: Lol, I remember this pic.

    Now now, let's do something to blow him up. Suggest good ones. :D Why don't we start plotting in this thread itself?

    And I concur, awesome post. :) Improvements. :D way to go!
    R.Sidharth said...
    onnum venda iyale 2 divasam canteenile aaharam theetikkam.
    thaniyeeee chathu poyikollum
    Spartan said...
    liked the stuff...but found some prob wid the intro part nd how u carried it to exams...leave tat...aa panna dash mone patti ithra onnum paranja pora..ninakentha peru parayaan madiya...parayeda vetti thorannu...ROSE CHANDRAN ennu....ivane pole oru thepan...payyoli....thalkaalam athu mathi...its high time our clg got a bigger lab,,,,,this one was too u rightly said...good one...keep postin...
    neethibal said...
    sho pavam kutti... actually our lab assistants are really sweet to us mainly coz we are ladies...!
    Alen said...
    Who is this Rose Chandran? :-P
    there were a few such people in the office too... remember having a verbal fight with a guy couple of times...
    ivanmaarkkokke oro dose appappo koduthillel, thalel kayari nirangum..

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