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There are a few times in your life when u feel that some thing magical touched you,yet you do not know what it was.These magical things may be a stroke of wind,a thought,a view or any thing that gives you a feeling that lasts for a micro second or even minutes but its effect is like fresh stream of pure bliss flowing through the can feel it and when these mysterious bliss through your body.for a minute your mind splits from your body a freaky experience then it comes back.Let me call this the freak effect.
ok now you start to wonder why the hell i am talkin abt this.Dont worry i havent gone nuts writing kerala university xams.i had this experience many a i decided why shouldnt i tell you this?.sorry guys, i cant start this without the help of kerala university.
it was again the stinkin xam time.what can i do fellas?,3 modules to study,i left 1 and half for the final day.i set the alarm for 2 am(yea i know what you are thinkin,but was my fate).i woke up put on my computer for downloading movies(the only good thing about wakin up early,after xam movies).i kindled the stove,made a cup of hot coffee,the sheer sight of my family sleeping while i was the cursed one to do all the hard work made me angry.i took the cup of coffee,went to the terrace(i like to drink the coffee there).i opened the door that led to the terrace,the sight i saw was beautiful.i saw full moon creeping through the clouds.i sat down on one of the steps beginning to sip the coffee i have on my hands.soon i saw an aeroplane.
So this is when i got the freak effect.i began to think in a few years ill be going somewhere in this flight that will fly just above my home,i would look down and say,hey one day i sat there studyin for my xaminations,oh boy the hot coffee and the full moon,the small small hardships i went through
to get the records submitted on time,all the craps i went through to write the xams.And thinkin abt xams how can i not mention all the friends who helped me on and off the exam hall.Wow all the times i bunked the classes to go on the roof tops of the construction site of my building from where the whole city was one gorgeous view.the construction site showed the whole terrain of the city :slopes,plains.
Yep fun were all those days when we(me and my friends) used to sand there to watch planes take off and land like bugs going here and there.The top of the building was a splendid place where strong winds blow that could make your hair dance.
and after that all the time we played volleyball one the field and broke down all the roof tiles,how we use to scream and howl outside the lab while we scream until they gave the volleyball they took from us.
Suddenly i looked around as if i woke up from a mind went to the future and thought about the past,which included my present where i was still sitting drinkin coffee.
well,this story ends in tragedy because i was still stuck with a lot to study.however,the fact that ive got a year left to study,made the college look a bit different.


  1. Santosh said...
    ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...
    However,the fact that ive got a year left to study,made the college look a bit different.

    That's a nice way to end a post about the start of ur final year in college. Enjoy. Pinne at 1st i DID think you'd gone nuts writing exams :)
    lekshmi chidambaram said...
    really it was a treat...
    final year studs r advised not to read the blog it can make u emotional :(

    ps::well,this story ends in tragedy because i was still stuck with a lot to study.

    old news :D

    pss::i kindled the stove,made a cup of hot coffee

    hard to believe... :D

    psss::i woke up put on my computer for downloading movies

    when writin blogs keep in mind that u dnt get matify :D

    pssss::Dont worry i havent gone nuts writing kerala university xams.

    aa padaravrindathil onnu namaskarikanam..
    Abhilash Suryan said...
    Hari said...
    Nice post, buddy! :)

    I'm sure you'll be the big shot you've always wanted to be, scaling heights in a rocket ship, not just an aeroplane and looking down on Earth and saying:
    "Man, I studied and lived here!!" ;-)

    Btw, I think the title is a tad mismatched! :P
    Spartan said...
    i liked the content...i mean the stuff u meant to convey...the starting was good..but i was expectin somethin really freaky towards the middle..the way u have handled the change in topics...the flow from ur xams to the coffee..goin on to the moon...and the aeroplane...and then ur career,to the past...clg jus able to follow the right path u ve followed without even lookin at the blog...impressive i would say but u could have chosen a better title...and i wouldn ve been bored if the blog was a little longer...nd a little more nostalgic...
    neethibal said...
    hope u get everything u long for da...

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