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Iran's struggle for democracy

Ladies ans gentlemen,
In what could be seen as a great uprising of the century,people of Iran have taken the protest to the streets.Joining hands they move in millions.The echoes of Iran is reverberating in the whole world.The thirst for democracy is what drives them forward.This is a struggle to put an end to the mad eye dictatorship that reigns chaos in this east lands!.For long have these people have craved for democracy only to be send back empty handed.
This election is what made the people go furious against the administration which is alleged to have reached the helm of superiority by fraudulent ways.There is a nonstop voice that is screaming to put an end to this injustice that these people have had to face under religious dictators or what i would like to call "ASSUMED HEROES" who think they know whats best for their people and took the liberty of calling the shots themselves.This is the sort of thing that has been happening for a long time.Now when men and women protest against the injustice for their right,the govt forces try to gag them with what can be called as cold blooded murder.
Food,water,air & freedom are our birth rights because without even one of them man cant survive.When one of our birth rights are taken away we protest,we fight because at the expense of our slavery and servitude some one else is enjoying his life with luxury.
Friends,what can i say for even freedom of free speech is not available for them to protest.So protesting in web was taken as a method to take the fight to these people.These brothers,sisters and friend need help so instead of getting carried away by the death of the celebrated dancer who gave us 2 or 3 dance moves,one must try what we can to help these people who are fighting for a cause.
As an Indian who considers democracy above all,i pledge my whole hearted support to these people!
i am posting a few links seeing these,may be you too can tune yourself to joining the battle and to be one the side of freedom and democracy where ultimately victory is assured!


  1. Hari said...
    Great way to show your solidarity with some of the most repressed peoples in the planet

    I support you! :)

    Down with repression!
    lekshmi chidambaram said...
    grt u anna..
    im with u.. :)
    jithinferrari said...
    t extent to which people go to obtain power and keep it often terrifies me.....

    Hope justice prevails there in t end....

    On t other hand, don't u think v in our short pre adulthood lives hve committed such things of lesser magnitude...

    and when t stakes get higher....who says....v also won't end up like being one of them....

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