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An exam i loved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi friends,
Today its 5:50 as i write the article in this blog.Funny why did i tell you the time,coz i just reached from CET after an exam i think the world has seen for the first time.So guys listen to this.
It all started in the morning.I woke up at 1 am in the morning.Turned on my computer, as i usually do,just surf for mails n stuff and put films and stuff to download.I opened mozilla and googled arsenal."Hang on" i said to myself "shit, the quarter final is due today , arsenal Vs hull".
boy i tuned in really fast watched the entire match.Fine i was just going to go , it was 3 am .
Suddenly breaking my silence BONG! its the cricket series.I thought 10 minutes of cricket wont hurt.It went over after over.And finally clock struck 6 am.I thought,"damn it,enough is enough.i am getting the hell outahere"I went up stairs thinking i could study something for the exam[what was i thinking!,hehe].As usual i went up and started studying.Suddenly Thierry Henry came and told me "Wake up".It was a girly voice.Now thats eerie.I closed my eyes in disbelief.But then i opened again.It was my mom.Damn it! i was sleeping with the lab manual stuck in my mouth[hehe].Man i rushed through my routines and got ready for college.
And there i was at CET,quite a busy college.And to say the truth,man werent the chicks awesome!.Still i havent touched my lab manual.But now i was determined,i ran thorough the lab manual[I wonder was i dreaming still?].
Finally,the hour came.It was like aragorn going to face the whole of mordor.I went inside.As usual,i got the worst experement.Its the shaping machine.So i wrote in the procedure,and went to the machine.As usual,something wrong happens to me.The screw to be unscrewed dosent move.I called for the lab assistant.He came to me smiling " hey ya fella,stop the experiment you may go,i'll take care of it[boy, does machine shop roxx].Me and my frnd Praseeth started laughing,finally i stopped to say,"Sir,i just started"He smiled and said "Ok,do it fast then".
I started the machine finally.In fact all of them started.The whole ambience made me feel as if i was somewhere in between a war.
Something even more eerie happened.I saw fried rice and ice creams being taken in.I was like WTF!.Suddenly the machineshop was filled with teachers.It was like a feast.One of the sirs came to me and asked,"Did you have your food?".I said,"Yes".He was going on asking everyone.
After some time about one and a half hours before the exams end.Suddenly the hall was filled with a sound of a man,"Everybody stop your work,wash your hands,lets sit together and eat".
Before we knew it we were sitting on a bench eating fried rice,ice creams and all in the middle of our university exam.It was 2 of the lab asst sirs send off party.Boy did we all eat.And finally.We washed our hands,went to the respective machines.MY tummy reached there before i could [hehe].And the work started.I was mocking Praseeth fior the lack of patience in his work.Bang!
my cast iron cube has turned into the shape of a rock from neolithic age.Boy!,you should have seen the way Praseeth laughed.It was nearly time 3.30.Time to wind up.I adjusted the shape and finally it looked almost like it should.It was 4 o clock.I started my bike thinking of what i was going to do in the tour that [at the moment i write] is going to come.home at 5 o clock,had my cup of coffee.And at 5.50 i decide to tell you this.And finally at 6.60,i tell you


  1. ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...
    Good day da. Brought back memories from my Machine shop days @ CET. I think it was the Kannadi saar who asked you about the food. The guy who teaches lathe. Really helpful guy. Taught me more than a few tricks in lathe that i still rem. Pinne about the so called noise you hate, its nothing compared to the racket going on outside my office each day.
    Nikhil said...
    heya....a nice one buddy.We really are so lucky to be a part of the party...a nice experience complaintee...there were only 9 of us...naa.u shud hav atleast mentioned our names....this incident will be a golden feather in the memoir of our college life...
    Sindhya said...
    hmmm.. i really regret not having taken mech..[:P]but then ec rocks nonetheless[:D]
    in between u never said what you were supposed to do.. us with no idea abt what experiment you have to do in machine shop have a tough time figuring out whether the neolithic rock was really suppposed to be wat u should make[:D] well u did get it right so thats the important thing..
    oh n it is easy to get distracted by all the different stuff on tv. I dont think there would be any of us who hasnt had this "got up to study but dint"experience[:D]
    Definitely you were lucky.. Dont count on your luck next time too[:D]
    "Damn it! i was sleeping with the lab manual stuck in my mouth[hehe]." overall the whole day was about eating it seems
    “MY tummy reached there before i could” cool:D
    Funny post.. too bad all of the branches don’t have the same luck:D
    Abhilash Suryan said...
    Any story capable of waking up a Rip Van Winklish blogger must be worth reading :-)
    S Soorya Narayan said...
    yes,truly CET Machine Shop is one of the best labs I have ever been to..all the teachers are really co-operative and tension..just bindaas..

    Great work sidhu...since you have written about Machine Shop do write about out Electrical lab assistant "Rose Chandran" nothing short of a pernicious imbecile and sadist.
    Hari said...
    Lol man!! Great post. :-) Biriyaani during CET lab is just too good! Lucky you, man!! Seriously, you're really really lucky! :P
    lekshmi chidambaram said...
    [i]"""And to say the truth,man werent the chicks awesome!""""[/i]

    pinneyum sankaran tengil thanne...
    sidhu said...
    assambandham parayalle.ivide evide aanu shankaran?
    jithinferrari said...
    couldn't agree with soorya more
    praseeth said...
    OMG ......I found
    MY name in a blog!!!!!

    No sweat was one of the most memorable days of my exam life ....and the icing on the cake was that apart from the biriyani and the pleasure of seeing my neighbour screwing up and escalating things to "NEOLITHIC" proportions......when the results came i was shocked to see myself getting 93 out of 100 for that exam....W...O...W
    Hotshot said...
    boy!!these exams are rare.. and that too on CET.. u r lucky... to have a feast from your teachers in the middle of exams.. and an fantastic way to present it on your blog with words.. well done pal.. keep it up.. surely the best of yours..
    arun said...
    dude gud to hear that u saw chicks in our college...four years have passed and i havent seen any...

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