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Will it ever change?

Dear friends,all i have done wrong is that i was born in this Indian generation.Since i was born i was taught that i have to be proud of my country well let me tell you that i am very proud indeed!but not really a fan of the current Indian generation."Why?" is the one word that might have filled your mind.
Is that so? em? ok let me take you to a little ride,a ride through the Indian evolution that i wanna say i am really uncomfortable with.
I am sure that you people would have noticed that people walk around you with ultra modern life style just to show that they are living the life just like an american or a european along with the looks that seem to point out that is cool being like a yanke or a blue blood.
The reason why i am writing this blog is that i found a boy while i went to my school reunion saying that he dropped out of college just because he didnt like it.Would you believe it if i told you that he was studying his 3rd year while he dropped out!.Most of the people dont even show the minutest fraction of their parents interest.We have become directionless..Worst people who really make fuzz in making a brilliant career pay least notice to their parents,but are more than happy to wash their boss's toilet for money.I say that i am a student who bunks most of the classes but i atleast have an idea about my life.My aspiration,believe it is to work as a college lecturer nearby(after some experience in any industry ofcourse).When i give this as a reply to people(friends,relatives,neighbours bla bla bla.....)the reply i get is quite hideous.
they ask me "why the hell do you wanna do that! go to america or something".the point i am trying to make is, being Indians,a proud one should do some thing as a token of gratitude to the opportunities it has given us.
Instead we find many people willing to desert our country for money.But every people be it you or me we say
"I will do something for our country"
ask yourself
"will i do something?"
i am quite sure that many of our conscience hides in shame.
i must admit.what have i done till now?
no!,nothing! nada!.........
The thing is we have he desire to do something for our country but at our age of 20 to 40
we think that money is everything.
Atleast this ask a young man this question or ask yourself

"i have call letters from NASA and ISRO,which should i take?"
the answer comes clear dosent?
unless our generation does something drastically to do something to keep the Indianess
alive we will become directionless youth like in west...

moral of the story:-



  1. ~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...
    Eagerly awaiting the reasons of you not happy with being an Indian. Do have good reasons ok :)
    sidhu said...
    read carefully

    proud indian but not a fan of current generation
    Hari said...
    Not a fan of the current generation... blah!!

    Dude, you yourself are a member of this generation. Period.

    I can't talk all my points here. Will do when we meet in person.

    Nice ideas and language. Be a bit more strict with the grammar. Check for typos too. :D
    jithinferrari said...
    "Dear friends,all i have done wrong is that i was born in this Indian generation"

    Seriously its not at all your fault!!! So Cheer up dude....

    "people walk around you with ultra modern life style just to show that they are living the life just like an american or a european"

    Sme truth there, though its not always the case.

    I agree with your message completely....its upto t next gen[thats us] to make India a developed country by 2020....V shld b willing to sacrifice extra bucks fr our country...
    praseeth said...
    You MORON .......dont you dare compare NASA with ISRO you can say everything else you can say the govt sucks the roads are bad the wateer is polluted right but before even attempting to compare ISRO with NASA just look at what ISRO has done and what it had as input in the first place

    1 The American space agency was pioneered by German Nazi scientists the very guys who were responsible for horrors unspeakable

    2 The Budget for one year working of NASA is more than the cumulative money India has invested for 35 years in space { it is like comparing our college to MIT in terms of funding }

    3 While NASA sends totally useless probes to the satellites of Jupiter to find if there is life there the INDIAN SPACE PROGRAMME IS COMPLETELY ORIENTED TOWARDS THE POOR
    2 The Edusat system is the first and only in the world giving quality education to poor kids { not much active in kerala }

    3 The ISRO health programme has different top level medical institutes tied up with rural in accesible areas .... Many Heart patients of the north east do their Heart Surgery in the Rabindranath institute for heart in Kolkata only due to ISRO Tele medicine and every time someones heart fails on his way to Sabarimala a doctor at AMRITA Institute of medicine would be waiting for him because Isro Tele medicine links the two .

    And The Pakis and Chineese still fear india and a kargil wont repeat because we have eyes right till where they think it is safe.

    And all this is done with a budget that would humble any agency.

    So next time you get an offer letter from NASA and ISRO think if you wanna find whether there is life in Andromeda or if you wanna work towards a poor girl getting educated or a poor man in the north east suffering from chronic heart disease have it fixed ....

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