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Aaaaaaaaaah here it is again,controversies,drama and lots happening ahead of the third test at Perth.The Indian team which went in anticipation of a brilliant victory at Sydney were simply turned down by some sloppy umpiring and some some serious professional approach to cricket .
For a person who spends hours watching cricket to see India win abroad,it was humiliating.Adding salt to the wounds,Harbhajan has been accused of racial remarks against Andrew Symonds.To err is human ,but, these many? Bucknor will have some serious explanation to give.These errors have had their serious impacts on the series.
Friends do you remember the story of the black and the white athlete who went for a race,where the black athlete during the race limps and the white athlete carries him along when he could have won the prize all for himself.We believed it but the next generation will find it hard to digest this story,seeing such professionalism in sports like cricket.
The Aussies are breeding a new cricket without any values of sportsmanship.Having been criticized for racial remarks against the touring players all these years long,now its trying to bring things the other way round.Aggravating players to make them react and then file a complaint.People interpret this as a cheap tactic to wipe out the player against whom they found difficulty playing.In this case if Bhaji is found innocent, i am of the view that Symonds should be banned from cricket for the rest of his God forsaken life.
Enough of this mental aggression and stuff.Its time that the Aussies let their game do their talking rather than their mouth.

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  1. Arwindh said...
    i don't watch much of these..
    but cricket has become a business rather a game now a days..


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