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Friends its time for the face off of the the year,its not the ashes,its not world cup but is the last go for the fabulous 5 against the awesome aussies.On one side the aussies have got a formidable line up that includes names like Ponting,Hayden,Gilly,Michel Clark,Hussey..............I can fill the blog completely with their deeds that terrify the best of bowlers in the world.What can i say about the aussie pace battery they shock the best batsmen in the world it includes the legendary Glen Mgrath,Lee and the swing bowler Mitchel Johnson who creates the shape in the bowl that deceive the masters.
What to say when they go on full steam in their home ground with the confidence that made Michel Clark speak out to the Indian Times "No sides in the world can beat us".
On the other side we have one of the most legendary side that has performed with class blended with experience that won games in the most adverse conditions.I am talking about team India.The inclusion of youngsters into the side has given the team a new outfit that opponents recognize and respect.The side has got what it takes to hunt n the kangaroo lands.The boxing day test startin in Melbourne on Wednesday will be interesting to watch.Last time around we went with a side with a rookie keeper and a lack lusture bowling lineup.
We gave the aussies a hard time with the ball as their willow was no match to ours and they had to answer bigtime to our spirited bowling.This time around the side looks good.They fancy it.
They see the aussies humiliated at home.the fabulous 5 will be in the magnifying glass as they take on the awesome aussies and also guide the young seeds to a memorable tour.


  1. Hari said...
    Aussies rock... But even we Indians do. No predictions about the result. Anything can happen! :D
    Would love an Indian win, though! :P

    Great post! :D
    Roseate dreams said...
    nice a big cricket fan.

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