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The scintillating show of both the sides have mesmerized us in the past with their drama and their passion in the one religion that binds us in nearly a day of excitement -"CRICKET".
But nowadays the titan clash has attracted companies because of the amount they fetch from the clash
so they planned many a games and now its beginning to lose its charm.The India vs Pakistan odi series was
a lack lusture one with the only point of dreaming a shoib-sehwag duel.But we have been soo unlucky not to even witness the show.The only bright spots in the tournament was that the master blaster showed why nobody can ask him to quit and the second one was that India reasserted themselves as the home champions screaming their inability to win abroad.The team as a whole looks unbalanced.Rahul Dravid
having been a captain was kicked out for not performing in a series.The veteran Bangalore giant is very unlucky on that ground.His only mistake was that he wished to remove the crown of thorns.
The youngsters are given a lot of opportunities.Sadly all show only initial glitter but they never survive the long race.The last odi was the insight of India's bench strength.All of them have the same problem which is that
over media hype makes them feel that they are super stars ,rather they should believe that they are yet to do legendry work which others will dream to pursue inthe comming years.
The pic i've put shows Yuvi with neither satisfaction nor eagerness to do more.
This pic shows the state of the million fans who go bezzerk over Indian cricket
lets hope we revive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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