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The land that amazed the world.its India.The land with many geographical features which include mountains,lakes,hot springs,rivers ,sea,canals etc.That is India.In a land of such wonders its very hard to digest that we cant be essed through water.Here it comesThe big question

Do we have a port?

What good is it?
Its no good
Then is there a port that's useful?

Where is it?
In God's own land KERALA

What is it?

Vizhinjam is situated in the land of SREE PADMANABHA the deepest of water sites which has the potential to be one of the best ports in Asia.Then why such a port has not been made?God only knows why this port was not built
Is there a conspiracy then?Yes, there could be.Well that is what ill like to discuss for now
For that ill begin with the trade mechanism.The Indian market is the greatest market in the world.All the trade goods thet are to be brought to India are brought to Dubai
and then from there its shipped to IndiaThe same thing also happens to Pakisthan.All the ships are finding it difficult to unload it to India.The route is soo tedious when diverted to Dubai.This explains the rise in expense in the products here while the same thing costs a thousand Rs less in Dubai.example
nilanjan Jun 29 2006

Yesterday evening bought SE K800i from Dubai...paid 1800 uae dirhams...price includes a bluetooth headset as well...

Since then...its been a grand experience...just upgraded from a K750i...


this was said in a popular review site

ie 29000rs

while at that time it costed 32000 bucks here

What a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is a serious reason why we still look to countries like Dubai n Singapore for gadgets.This is a good reason,because a port like vizhinjam could be a serious trouble for countries like Dubai.Guys i know that its a weird possibility but a possibility is a possibility


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  1. Anonymous said...
    does anything fruitful ever happen in our little state?
    so many decisions r taken and then abandoned...dreams r cherished for naught in here...

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