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The question is asked by all girls who are not willing to join mechanical engineering due to some unknown reason.
This might be due to the fact that they are not physically and mentally tough to be it.
People always tell the story of the fox and the grapes.
Well i think its so similar here because it takes to be a heck of a toughster to be a mexxian
Well at least one should not sit in classes while mass cutting.
Unity is strength and to be mexxian is to be united even at your cost.
That is what makes us different.
Mechanical engineers are synonymous with power.
That is why mental and physical strength makes us the best among all.
We all mexxians are one family
that indeed makes us soooo great


  1. Spartan said...
    I LIKED UR TEMPLATE ....dude......
    born to hack said...
    dude are these pics your own...???

    i can smell ....that number plate for that scooter is saying that the owner is in Indian Police

    is it that your DAD is Servng with some State Police ( in India)...or juss a coincidence....anyway i liked your photos they remined me of ma own life in Govt. Qtrs....


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